Mission to Venice (Murder Room)

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Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Whenever I read K Spirito's work, I become so enthralled with her words, the scenes and the characters.

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She has a very addictive quality to her novels. This is told from Elizabeth Blair's perspective and it leaves you wanting more! As K delves deeper and deeper in the heart, soul and mind of Elizabeth, you find out dark secrets from her past that have haunted her and everyone else that grew up in Echo Lake. When Elizabeth goes back to her hometowm thirty-three years later, strange things begin to happen.

Five People Drowned During First Week In July

While holding her drawing pad and chalks, she begins to furiously sketch pictures that have no meaning to her in the beginning. One is of a childhood friend that drowned in the lake with his face peeking half out of the water. Others are of gravestones and a cemetery that was littered with trash and beer cans. As she pieces all of these pictures together, that's when things finally fall into place.

Things nobody wants to remember. But, things that no one can forget. In this passionate story of love, hate, abuse, abandonment and fear, K effortlessly writes this tale as told only by Elizabeth Blair.

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Just as in Father Sandro's Money the story is fast-paced and is unbelievably remarkable. I really can't say more, you will just have to read it for yourself!

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I look forward to the next one, K! The author of this book made me want to read the next chapter when I hadn't had more time to read. I found myself putting things off so I could read what happens next. I have not had a great interest in history, but I found myself engulfed in the era of the book. The book made me realize that I am interested in history as I had fun reading this fiction set in real history setting.

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This book has lots of detail to make me feel like I was there with the characters and the era. I found myself daydreaming about what had happened after I read and what could happen in the next reading. My heart raced with the Great Molasses Flood, ached with the sad misfortunes of the LaRosa family, and anger with the scandals of the day. I have already picked up Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned and look forward to reading. I am still in awe at this book!

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  • As a mystery lover, this book definitely rates top notch with me! After 20 years of staying away, Elizabeth Blair finally goes home. She is plagued with visions of her childhood friend, Tommy, who drowned in 4th grade. You will find yourself unable to put this book down! It was amazing to follow Elizabeth piece together the long forgotten secrets of the small town, not to mention trying to stay alive!

    You have to read this book!

    Former science teacher, 36, who drowned her baby is jailed for life

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