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James Welch: A Critical Companion. Mary Jane Lupton. Through both his fiction and non-fiction writing, James Welch gives voice to the history, heritage, and cultural identity of the American Indian. This companion provides a fascinating exploration of the man, his writing, and the impact and influence of his literary output. With information based on a series of personal interviews conducted for this book, the biographical chapter offers an insightful account of Welch's life as a Blackfoot Indian, and as a poet and novelist.

Tim Champlin. Heroes, adventure, history and trouble - discover it all through the eyes and pen of Louis L'Amour. At the time of his death in , all of Louis L'Amour's novels and short-story collections remained in print, a testament to the popularity of a prolific writer best known for his fast-paced tales of the American West. The Wild West of Louis L'Amour is a richly illustrated, sumptuous book commemorating one of America's most beloved and successful authors and the landscapes, characters, and violent times he portrayed.

Author Tim Champlin himself a writer of Western historical fiction uncovers all of the secrets of L'Amour's themes and characters - geography of the West, lone heroes, gunfighters, mining and ranching, women, Native Americans, food, and transportation. The frontier regions, towns, and events that featured in L'Amour's writing, as well as the real folks on whom his characters were based, come to life through thoroughly researched illustrations. The collection of more than images includes maps, period photos and daguerreotypes, period illustrations, paintings of the regions discussed, modern photography of towns and countryside, and cover art from L'Amour's books and the pulp magazines in which he was published before he became a best-selling author.

For the true L'Amour fan, The Wild West of Louis L'Amour is also a complete history of his colorful early life as a cowboy, lumberjack, longshoreman, prizefighter, merchant seaman, and army officer. No L'Amour fan will want to skip this comprehensive, beautiful look at the writer, the man, and the world in which he set his tales.

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Paul S. A master of driving pace, exotic setting, and complex plotting, Harold Lamb was one of Robert E. Howard's favorite writers. Here at last is every pulse-pounding, action-packed story of Lamb's greatest hero, Khlit the Cossack, the "wolf of the steppes.

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Ryan W. The Western genre has long been associated with right-wing and libertarian politics, and is said to promote individualism and free-market economics. In a new look at the Western, however, Ryan McMaken shows that the Western is in fact often anti-capitalist, and in many ways, the genre attacks the dominant ideology of nineteenth-century America: classical liberalism. Owen Wister and the West. Book Westerns are rarely only about the West. From the works of James Fenimore Cooper to Gary Cooper, stories set in the American West have served as vehicles for topical commentary.

Like his Harvard friend Theodore Roosevelt, Wister was the sickly scion of an eastern family who recuperated in the West before returning to his home and inherited social position. His life story is punctuated with appearances by such contemporaries as Frederic Remington, Rudyard Kipling, and Ernest Hemingway. The West, Scharnhorst shows, was the crucible in which Wister tested and expressed his political opinions, most of them startlingly conservative by present standards. Yet The Virginian remains the template for the western novel today.

More than any other Western writer of the past century and a half, Wister's career merits resurrection.

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Click the buy button today. Hemingway was first published in The Big Sky received both critical and popular acclaim, and Guthrie was an overnight success. The book centers on three main characters, all mountain men : Boone Caudill, Jim Deakins, and Dick Summers, between the years and All contribute to the destruction of the beaver, eventually depriving the trapper of a livelihood.

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Dick Summers reappears as the scout and guide for the wagon train. These Thousand Hills , a story of cattle ranching in Montana in the s, was criticized for its predictable and melodramatic plot. These first three novels of the series were made into movies, but Guthrie did not feel that they accurately conveyed his intentions. Arfive , perhaps the most autobiographical of the novels, deals with life in a small Montana town from the turn of the twentieth century to World War I. The Last Valley continues the Arfive story, focusing on the problems of a small-town newspaperman from about to Fair Land, Fair Land is the last of the series.

It goes back to earlier times, treating roughly the years from to , which were omitted between The Way West and These Thousand Hills. The story centers on Dick Summers, and is a requiem for the fate of the mountain man as his life comes to a close. In addition to this series of novels, Guthrie wrote numerous newspaper editorials and magazine articles.

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see In Guthrie was awarded an honorary doctorate of literature by the University of Montana and in he went to Hollywood to write the screenplay for Shane , for which he received an Academy Award nomination. In the Guthries sold their home in Lexington and returned to Montana. By mutual agreement, Guthrie and his wife divorced in , but he remembered his married life with fondness.

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The marriage was a happy one, with his wife inspiring him to be productive. On rugged land twenty-five miles northwest of Choteau, they constructed their year-round home, which they fondly called The Barn because the outside of the structure was modeled after the actual barn on the property of the home in Choteau where Guthrie had spent his childhood. The Teton River ran through his land and from his window he could see Ear Mountain; both of these landmarks made frequent appearances in his writing.

In he received a doctorate of literature from Montana State University. He continued to write and publish until his death.

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He succumbed to lung failure at his home at the age of ninety. As he had requested, his body was cremated and his ashes were scattered over Ear Mountain and the land nearby. Perhaps his major talent was his ability to evoke poetically the epic sweep and spiritual qualities of the western land without forsaking realistic details and historical accuracy. Thomas W. Ford, A. John R.

Etulain, includes a brief biographical sketch. Golden Taylor et al. Richard W. Etulain and N.