Mission to Venice (Murder Room)

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She is particularly famous for writing the Light Key Trilogy series. In addition to writing novels, Clark runs a blog called Moxie Fruit. She writes interesting blogs on this page for midlife females. Clark says that one part of her career is dedicated to the teenage readers and the other part is for the midlife readers, especially women.

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She is now happily married and has college-going children. Recently, Clark has moved out of the cold Sierras and relocated to the sunny area of the state. Clark sees her children as a continues source of interesting dialogue. They also help her in staying young and catching up with the latest trends in the fashion industry.

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Other than being a noteworthy author, Clark is a trained private pilot, a chocolate connoisseur, and an irredeemable dreamer. She spends her days and nights juggling between her different careers as a blogger, teacher, photographer, and writer. Having raised her children is one of the well-accomplished tasks of her life. Author Clark lived in her hometown of Reno until the age of Her real upbringing was carried out in Southern California.


In spite of that, she considers herself a valley girl. During her early twenties, Clark went back to live in northern Nevada again.

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Nowadays, she resides in sunny southern California along with her loving husband and children. Clark has spent 20 years of her life working as a professional photographer. Despite that, she thinks that she is an Everyday Photographer. This is because she likes to shoot on an everyday basis and the subject matters that are her most favorite are often seen in the everyday-ordinary.

This blog celebrates women who are highly passionate about photography. Clark also undertakes lessons on creative photography at the Big Pictures Classes.


The other activities in which she is involved include writing at Babble Voices, running UNF campaign, etc. Clark is the eldest among the 3 Disney Sisters. In a world that very well built you get not only lost in the details but also in the marvellous plot.


The author was able to join very different aspects into a beautiful story that's a great beginning for a very promising series. I don't remember when was the last time I read a book that was this complex and beautiful! The setting is excellent for the story and it helps to add a certain dept to the, already profound, characters. This is a perfect book for fall time! My advice is to read it while snuggling in a warm blanket and with your favourite hot drink in hand.

I also advise it to all fantasy and myth lovers, such as myself! You will "devour" this work of art.


Scintillate : The Light Key Trilogy

I've been wanting to read books in more unique settings. I will definitely be reading this one. Great review! I really liked that it was set in Ireland and the folklore, it definitely made it unique. This is new to me but sounds really intriguing! I want to know what the unexpected plot twist is. Will definitely be looking out for this one. I enjoyed it and I'm really curious about what's going to happen in the next book.

You have me really curious about the plot twist!

But also scared if you think the author might not be able to solve it Hah so am I more curious or scared I'll have to wait on this one regardless because I have quite a line up of books for myself so maybe the is a wait to see what happens with the sequel. Well, with a paranormal, anything is possible as far as solving the issue, but I'm really curious what's going to happen with that.

And yes, so many books to read!