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Identification Documents and Citizenship. Political Activities and Organizations. Gender, Domestic Violence and Children.

OHCHR | Human Rights Committee considers the report of Latvia

A Right for Protection and Support? Sexual Minorities.

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Criminality and Corruption. European Research Center for Anti-corruption and State-building.

No summer break for free expression in Europe: Facebook cases that matter for human rights

International Narcotics Control Strategy Report Military Service. Whether military service is compulsory; whether exemptions exist for military service including those based on race and religion; whether any alternative service exists - Judiciary, Legal and Penal Systems - No items in this section.

Police and Security Forces - No items in this section. Media Freedoms.

suitecrmondemand.com/heisse-geschichten-gay-sex.php Nationality, Ethnicity and Race. The Memorandum is based on several main principles as compliance with labour law, protection and promotion of human rights, sustainable exploitation of natural resources, reduction of the risk of corruption.

As an example of CSR programmes can be mentioned also Declaration on respect, tolerance and cooperation on the Internet, which was signed by editors of Internet portals, associations, foundations and public institutions in Declaration aims to reduce and combat intolerance and manifestations of hatred on the Internet without compromising freedom of expression and to promote open and reasoned debate.

At this moment, we are developing the National Action Plan to promote Corporate Social Responsibility and responsible business conduct in consultation with the business and trade unions, as well as NGOs representatives. The Plan is being developed in consultation with the business and trade unions, as well as NGOs representatives.

Article 92 of the Latvian Constitution provides that everyone can defend their rights and legal interests in a fair court. In the case of violations of human rights everyone has the right to an adequate compensation and the right to assistance of lawyer.

Latvia Corruption Report

All victims are guaranteed the opportunity to defend their rights in criminal, civil, administrative proceedings, as well as, if necessary, through the Constitutional Court. In order to meet the requirements of the individual's right to a fair trial, as well as the victim's rights to remedy access to justice, adequate litigation expenses, necessary legal assistance in court proceedings in a fair and timely manner , procedural rules are developed and reviewed regularly.

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  • These Laws are applicable both to individuals and legal entitities; obligations enshrined in them are legally binding also to companies and enterprises. As a relatively recently introduced mechanism also the mediation process voluntary cooperative process in which the parties shall endeavor to reach a mutually acceptable agreement to resolve their dispute through a mediator should be noted. Mediation can be used for the resolution of disputes out of court process, as well as in the proceedings.

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    In cases when the State enters into transactions with merchants such as public procurement, European Union funds allocation additional preconditions apply: the compliance with the duties prescribed by law is examined and the possible infridgements are analysed illegal employment, payment of taxes etc. The State pays a particular attention to cases where there is a need to find a balance between the interests of business entities and rights of individuals, for example, in cases related to preservation of the environment, public consultation on the land use planning in order to ensure public engagement in decision making and guarantee access to information.

    If a person meets the State Legal Aid Act criteria, the State shall ensure legal consultations and the drawing up of procedural documents for the protection of the infringed or contested rights of a person or his or her interests protected by the law in a civil legal dispute and in order to prepare an application or a claim to the court or a settlement document, if a person is involved in a dispute of legal nature, in which legal proceedings are possible.

    The Latvian authorities are supportive of responsible business conduct and devote effort to increasing the level of knowledge among entrepreneurs through seminars and conferences promoting the benefits of responsible business conduct and best practices. Just an example, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Latvian Investment and Development Agency organize regular meetings with Latvian entrepreneurs "The ABC of Exporting" aimed at the promotion of export and development of economic relations.

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