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Bouncing back A WorkWell podcast about resilience and vitality. Add to my Bookmarks. Connecting the mind and body for resilient living Life is full of challenges and setbacks. Bouncing back Download the transcript.

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I've attached a photo of my TXT records that I've currently got entered. Could you show me a screenshot of how you have your Zoho mail set up? Zoho is not email forwarding but actually an email inbox! Please also see below screenshot of my Shopify setup. Can you please tell me if I have set it up correctly? Thanks David. From the bounce back screenshot, it looks like this was the error causing the bounce.

Can I ask if you were sending a large email with attachments?

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However, suddenly out of the blue, something happened that absolutely derailed all your efforts. All that work and effort quickly turned into an absolute disaster. Defeat and failure never feel good, but they are an important part of life. Defeat can actually become quite a valuable experience.

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However, it all, of course, depends on how we interpret and then utilize that experience to help us move forward in a better way. This is, of course, problematic for most people who struggle to see the value in defeat. In fact, many times, it can turn into the beginning of a new journey. They chose instead to stand tall and keep moving forward. They took it upon themselves to bounce back from defeat and get themselves back on track toward achieving their goals.

They chose not to allow defeat to defeat them.

They rose against their challenges and tried even harder to get themselves back on track. But how exactly did they do this? How exactly did they bounce back from defeat and achieve their goals? Those who bounce back from defeat are resilient and resourceful individuals who are willing to learn from their mistakes and failures.

However, in order to learn, you must have a desire to want to know what went wrong in the first place. This is where curiosity is of tremendous value. Those who bounce back from defeat are extremely curious about what exactly happened, and how they can potentially move things along in a better way.

Curiosity essentially drives them forward to think of new ideas and solutions that help them prepare and plan the next steps along their journey. Those who bounce back from defeat are courageous and open to taking risks that help drive them forward. Courage is however needed not only to take risks but to also persist despite the difficulties that may arise.

To bounce back from defeat means fully embracing your predicament without making excuses , without blaming others, without complaining and without any resistance. It means fully accepting how things are, then making the most of your situation without allowing difficult emotions to overwhelm you. Bouncing back from defeat does, however, take some faith. It requires having the necessary self-confidence and self-belief in yourself and in your own ability to get through the toughest of times.

It requires faith to know and understand that if you keep persisting through your difficulties that you will eventually achieve your goal. Above all else, to bounce back from defeat requires a sense of humor. A sense of humor allows you to put things into perspective. It helps you view your life and circumstances in more optimal and helpful ways.

This gives you better clarity-of-mind, which makes adversity easier to deal with. Yes, things might seem unfair.


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The best thing you can do is to just accept your predicament and make the most of your circumstances. This is true, but only if you use these circumstances as an opportunity to grow and improve yourself.

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You are of course not alone in your struggles. Many people right now are also struggling and trying to recover from a defeat. They dug deep and applied themselves to work even harder and with more urgency than ever before. As a result, they bounced back from the jaws of defeat and ended up achieving their goals. You will find inspirational stories and accounts of people overcoming tremendous odds within books and movies.

Use their life stories to help you find the strength you need to bounce back from defeat. When facing difficulties it can also be helpful to remind yourself of three very important things:. Whatever happened, happened. The only option you have is to simply start moving forward once again. Pick yourself up from the jaws of defeat and refocus all your energies on moving toward your goals.

Ask yourself:. Reflecting on the lessons of the past can very well help you gather key learning experiences and insights that you can apply to your current situation. If nothing more, you can use your past as a source of inspiration that proves that you have faced tough obstacles before and managed to successfully overcome them. Have a think about the role models in your life and ask yourself:. If your role models are people you personally know, then reach out to them.

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Buy them a cup of coffee and talk to them about your experiences. Pick their brain and learn everything you can from how they live their life and overcame adversity. Then take those lessons and apply them to your situation. All you essentially need is a little perspective and a ray of hope.