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Intercity Transportation 1 Travel between cities. Alcohol 2 Drinks for one day.

MOONGOLIA, a month tripping in Mongolia.

Flights to Mongolia How much does it cost to go to Mongolia? How much money do I need for Mongolia? Night in a Ger. Check In Date. Check Out Date. Mongolia On a Budget Camping in Mongolia.

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Share This Page. Pin This Page. Travel Tips Mongolia Tours By backpackguru. Mongolia is one of the most difficult countries to get around. The most realistic way to fully experience the country is to take a tour. Most tours include a driver, vehicle and a guide who also serves as your cook. It mostly starts snowing after 15 November.

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Daylight is short between am to 6 pm. Are you planning to travel in November? Those are the best winter tours.

But no worries. There is more chance the land will be covered with snow and beautiful. The snow-covered land makes more warm feeling than the snowless area.


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And it is true because of the sunlight reflection on the snow. Mongolia is beautiful in winter with the glittering landscapes, fresh air, frozen rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. We suggest you not to travel to too remote areas in winter in order to prevent lack of emergency in case snow piles in snowstorm close the road or phone reception range etc. December and January are completely offseason. Nothing is touristic. In winter, we do not promise you comfortable king size beds, WC and shower at most accommodations of the countryside.

Though, you certainly have in-depth cultural experiences of nomadic life while staying with nomad families and discover yourself among unique lifestyle, harsh climate and in winter scenery. Even though, the tourist accommodation ger camps work in the national parks near Ulaanbaatar.

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Of course, the tour price is lower than in summer. We are experts of winter travel with well-developed, activities and authentic experiences packed winter tours. The comfort and enjoyment of our clients have always been our priority. Wherever you go, our staff and hosts will make sure you will stay warm and enjoy your tour.

Do you need some warm clothes?

Your trip to Mongolia

You can borrow our traditional clothes deel free. Deel has always been the most suitable cloth for Mongolian weather. June and September are the most favourable months to visit Gobi. In July, the steppe takes her nice green colour and keeps it for about two months.

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From mid-September, the forests of larches take the colours of autumn, which gives the country a breath-taking beauty. Weather is still dry and sunny, but temperatures begin to drop. Snow risk in altitude from mid-August, and in plains from mid-September. Cold remains dry and there is very little snow in that period besides, snow is a sign of mild spell. If you have fitted equipment, it remains possible to visit Mongolia.

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In that period, some activities get possible: hunting with falconers, dog sledge , or attending the Ice Festival. Horseback Mongolia is a Franco-Mongol travel agency based in Ulaanbaatar since Between discovery of the country from every angle landscapes, culture, lifestyle, activities,.. Security, quality support and comfort are our main concerns. Home Travel tips Before leaving Best season to come to Mongolia.

Best season to come to Mongolia Mongolia enjoys more than sunny days per year, which means it's one of the sunniest countries in the world.